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Francine Chloe G. Ramirez addressing the Class of 2017

Good afternoon. My name is Chloe Ramirez, your fellow Mont Michel student, now alumna. Just a few years ago, I was standing there, in your place, hands sweaty from excitement and just a little fear. Teacher Xandra was giving this speech, and every word she said, I took to heart.

It’s amazing to be back. Mont Michel has always served as a home to me and to each and every Mont Michel student. Whether you are a new student or someone who grew up in the school, Mont Michel has a way of making people feel welcome and loved. This kind of compassion is a true Mont Michel trademark. No matter the circumstance, we have full confidence that our Mont Michel family is with us one hundred percent.

It isn’t an easy task, growing up. Entering high school is not the same as grade school. It’s a rougher terrain because it’s the time when you have a lot of questions and curiosities. You will have different opinions, take risks, and change your mind often but that shouldn’t scare you. It isn’t scary because you know you have a strong support system, set principles, and that above all--you are loved.

You may have an overwhelming amount of sentiments and emotions, some of which may be excitement, relief, happiness, and confusion--or all of it. No matter how much you think you cannot handle these feelings you may get, you should know that it’s ok to feel it all.

But sometimes the mix of all these emotions turn into fear, and it’s ok to be afraid, but don’t let that hinder you from maximizing your potential because Ad Maiorem Factus Es: you were built for something greater. Mont Michel students know better than to accept all as truth. They ask questions, explore and scrutinize, rethink their opinions, make mistakes, but with all these, they never forget to stay true to who they are.

In Mont Michel, you learn to be principled leaders, and staying true to these philosophies may lead you to greater things. On the way to the vision you have for yourself, there will always be something you will not be happy about but that is part of the process. What matters is how gracefully you take failure, and in that grace keep pushing to succeed.

The people in your life matter. They will help you find out who you are and who you want to be. Mont Michel has taught us to value these relationships. We are taught to strive for the best but also to keep a sense of humanity along the way in our moral codes of service, kindness, compassion, and gratitude.

Living a life of virtue can only be done by doing what is right, and you know what is right.

The world is blessed to have young leaders who will serve the country and do their parents and God proud by striving for the best, and nothing less.

Ladies and gentlemen, the graduates of Mont Michel.

- - Francine Chloe G. Ramirez (Valedictorian, MM Grade School Class of 2010 and Valedictorian, MM High School Class of 2014), addressing the Class of 2017 in April 2017

Class President's Day

We had our Class Presidents' Day last Monday, July 13, when all presidents delivered speeches on the qualities of a Mont Michel leader. Below is the list of class presidents; winners for the activity are indicated.

  • G1 - Marquis Deniel Pelesco
  • G2 - Sophia Daniella Balagtas
  • G3 - Agape Gabrielle Tria
  • G4 - Threya Kelsey Elane - winner
  • G5 - Murardeep Singh Toor
  • G6 - Agape Benedict Tria - winner
  • G7 - Nicolo Maria Andre Da Silva
  • G8 - Christoffer Von Caet
  • G9 - Ma. Alliana Felize Lobo - winner

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